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 “I want my kitchen to look like no one else’s, every guest should see something to exclaim over.”  The existing room was small with a cramped eating area and traffic cutting through the work area.  The couple, both professionals with no children at home, entertains at least once a week. He’s the chef and she’s the life of every party.  In the current kitchen, he’d be upstairs cooking and she’d be in the lower level family room with the guests.  They wanted a kitchen where they could entertain together but not be in each others way. She wanted lots of pizzazz; he wanted maximum function.

*This kitchen won Best Before and after Kitchen in the National Kitchen & Bath Associations design competition


  • Enlarge kitchen to allow entertaining on first floor
  • Open up kitchen to views of lake and garden
  • Provide separate spaces for her to entertain and him to cook
  • Each area should have a unique focal point
  • Transitional styling with soft colors


  • Develop a floorplan where the kitchen could be efficiently used by both
  • Provide adequate storage in spite of limited wall space
  • Integrate many areas of visual interest into the space while keeping it functional and visually uncluttered


  • Moved dining room to current den to increase kitchen space
  • Removed two walls to open up views and create a more open plan.
  • Installed a larger kitchen window with view to garden
  • Repositioned both entry doors to improve traffic flow and maximize available wall space
  • Installed a tray ceiling above the 8′ ceiling to enhance proportions of the new larger room
  • Devised a plan with two separate but equal areas for entertainment and cooking, separated by the prep island with the refrigerator adjacent to both of these spaces.
  • Focal points include:
    – A lighted carved glass backsplash behind the cooktop
    – A curved range-hood
    – Paneled refrigerator and pantries designed to look like an oriental cabinet.
    – Curved cabinets, countertops and a serpentine sink in the entertainment area
    – A special nook for the family’s dog to eat, sleep and bird watch.
  • Other conversation starters are touch-free faucets, an induction cooktop and cabinets that open by touch or remote control.
  • Storage features include two pantries with rollouts, an appliance garage with a retractable door, and pullout spice storage units at the cooktop.
  • Dramatic stone countertops accent cabinets in soft shades of gray and green

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