“I know it’s a vacation house but I still want it to be gorgeous, dramatic and ME”.  The Florida space was built in the 90’s and in desperate need of an update, nothing like this vibrant travel executive who was just venturing in to the next phase of her life – planning a fulfilling retirement. The existing kitchen was small with a cramped eating area and a main traffic path cutting through the work area.  She and her husband were looking forward to a slower pace and lots of entertaining.  In their main home the kitchen had recently been redone with much thought and lots of bells and whistles. The scale of this space was smaller but they wanted to enjoy many of the same conveniences.


  • Maximize the natural light of the space.
  • Keep the kitchen open up to the stunning view
  • Keep the space open to the family room but provide some camouflage of the actual work area.
  • Surfaces and appliances should be easy to use and maintain
  • Lot of space to display treasures collected on the couple’s travels.
  • Light soft colors and curved lines to compliment the natural setting.


  • Develop a workable floorplan so the kitchen could be efficiently used by both
  • Provide adequate storage in spite of limited wall space
  • Integrate many areas of visual interest into the space while also keeping it functional and visually uncluttered


  • Install a 48”h base cabinet with display area and contrasting interior to face the family room. This cabinet blocks the view of the kitchen sink while providing a pretty focal point.
  • Pale painted cabinets are brightened by a touch of soft aqua.
  • We positioned the breakfast bar where it would face the view.
  • Wood-look porcelain tile with a beachy feel holds up to traffic while been easy to maintain.
  • Storage features include a pullout pantry, 2 side-opening appliance garages with retractable doors and lots of drawers and rollout shelves to maximize base cabinet storage.
  • The touch-free faucet, a smooth induction cooktop and separate dishwasher drawers make clean-up a snap.
  • Focal points include:
    • A custom made glass “waterfall” countertop to add drama to the breakfast bar
    • Curved cabinets and a custom curved range hood add softness
    • Lighted glass-doored wall cabinets have custom curved mullions. The same detail highlights the range hood.
    • An unusual natural Quartzite with an easy to maintain brushed finish was used for the countertops.

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