The Before:

THE CLIENTS:  A family who loved their older classic Georgian home but found that its small closed off rooms were not conducive to their busy modern lifestyle. She is a collector with a real knack for finding and displaying beautiful and eclectic pieces. The small kitchen was not only cramped but an earlier family room addition required the traffic pattern to go right through its working triangle. The addition had also eliminated the only window making the kitchen not only cramped but dark.


  • Reorganize the space to provide better traffic pattern and more convenient work spaces.
  • Bring in more natural light
  • Maximize counter space for prepping and serving meals
  • Maximize storage wherever possible.
  • Use materials that would be appropriate to the style of the home.
  • Provide display space for some of the family’s found treasures.


  • By removing the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room and reworking the entrance to the family room we brought in more light and redirected the traffic through the space.
  • A galley type layout provided much needed prep space near both the stove and refrigerator and also opened the kitchen up visually. Plans for an island or a peninsula layout were also discussed but the galley plan gave the family the clean open space they craved. The full-depth refrigerator was surrounded with extra-deep pantry cabinets to give it a more built-in look and to provide maximum storage space. One even houses the vacuum cleaner. Other convenience features include large spice racks in the wall cabinets on either side of the range and a big pullout cutting board is next to the sink. An open cabinet over the sink house the owner’s collection of milk-glass. A treasured silver tray highlights the wall behind the range.
  • Inset white cabinets with exposed hinges were chosen to reflect the classic style of the home. The home’s unique crown molding was matched and custom-milled to top the cabinets and brackets were added to the wall cabinets for additional authentic detail. Marble countertops were considered, but a similar- looking natural quartzite was ultimately chosen for its easier maintenance.

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