Designing your kitchen is one of the most complex projects you will ever undertake. You may expect us to begin the design process by selecting finishes or cabinetry, when actually we will begin by gathering information. We want to know about your space, your family’s lifestyle and your cooking style. We will also discuss how you live now and how you wish to live. Now is the time for you to reveal your idiosyncrasies, your must-haves and your dreams for your new space. During this phase we will take measurements and digital photos of your home.


Typically we will develop three or more unique design solutions for your space. This is one of the services our firm is most known for. We devote many hours to this step because we feel it is critical for you to evaluate all options. Together we will carefully consider the ideas of each plan, discussing the pros and cons. Our goal is to combine the ideas you feel will work best into a single solution which will be perfect for your family.


Typically, after a budget is agreed upon we will draw you a three dimensional picture of the new space. Clients tell us this is the step which allows them to really see what their new room will look like.

Another unique service that our firm provides is what we call the “Organizational Plan”. At this point we will physically survey and measure all of your kitchen equipment. For example, you might have a 14″ stock pot and someone else might have one that is only 8″ high. We want to personalize your kitchen to accommodate your specific equipment. Our goal is to find a home in the new kitchen for EVERYTHING! Most other firms skip this step, but we feel it is very important that your kitchen’s organization not be generic. Every cook has different types and quantities of “stuff”, so we design your kitchen’s storage features specifically for you! You will be provided with a typed “road-map” to help you in setting up your new kitchen.

Once these steps are completed, final working drawings will be compiled including elevations, electrical and construction plans. We will also provide you with a door sample in the style and finish that you have chosen and will present you with options for items such as molding and decorative trims. We will also accompany you to showrooms to see actual slabs of counter top material, and to choose tile.


After all selections have been made, you will place a deposit on the materials and your order will be submitted to the factory.

The process may seem complicated, however, we will be your guides to help you create a new space that you will love and take pride in for many years to come.